Ancient Sumer

One of the ziggurats of ancient Sumer

The reconstucted Ziggurat of Ur in Ancient Sumer. Ziggurats were used as places of worship and as social gathering places. (GDK, Wikipedia Commons)

Sumer is one of the oldest river valley civilizations. It was located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in an area known as Mesopotamia (present day Iraq).

Mesopotamia = the Fertile Crescent = Iraq

Sumer was made up of numerous city-states that were each ruled by a separate king. Hammurabi is the most famous king from the city-state of Babylon. He is most famous for creating the first written set of laws creatively called the Hammurabi Code. These laws were very harsh often stressing "eye for an eye" type of justice. Not everyone was treated equally under these laws, however, punishments for slaves were often way worse than those for wealthy citizens.

Sumer also developed one of the earliest forms of writing known as Cuneiform.

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