Roman Republic

The Roman Republic

The Roman Senate

The Roman Senate. ("Cicero Denounces Catiline", Painting by Cesare Maccari, Wikipedia Commons)

Rome is found along the Tiber River on the Italian peninsula. Rome started out as a monarchy but settled into a repubic shortly after. Rome copied Greek ideals including some of their architecture style and their religion.

A republic is a government where citizens vote for representatives to make laws for them. These representatives serve as senators in the Senate. At first only Patricians or the wealthy class could become senators or vote on laws. Eventually Plebeians or the common people of Rome were able to gain representation by electing Tribunes to represent them.

The Roman republic is most known for creating law. The Twelve Tables were the written laws and rights that every citizen had. Most of the laws included in the Twelve Tables are still used today all over the world.

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