Giuseppe GaribaldiOtto Von Bismarck

Giuseppe Garibaldi (top), 1866 and Otto Von Bismarck (bottom), 1881 . (Wikipedia Commons)

Nationalism = extreme pride in one’s country. Nationalism spreads after Napoleon's conquest of Europe. Even though the Congress of Vienna resotres the monarchies throughout Europe, most European countries have their own revolutions in the 1800s removing their king and placing some kind representative government in charge.

Nationalism leads to German and Italian unification.

Italy - Led by Giuseppe Garibaldi. He unified the Papal States into one Kingdom. Italy had two main regions, the urban north & rural south.

Germany - Led by Otto Von Bismarck. His saying was "blood and iron", the idea that Germany should have a strong military and a strong industrial economy. He led Germany to victory in the Franco-Prussian war and established Germany as a European Power.

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