Communist China

Communist China

Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin hanging out.

Mao Zedong hanging out at Josef Stalin's 71st birthday party. (unknown, Helsingin Sanomat)

Mao Zedong takes over China and turns it into a communist power. Mao is known for his 2 policies:

The Great Leap Forward = focus on heavy industry and collectivization of farms. Similar to Stalin's 5 year plan

Cultural Revolution = tried to get rid of any western influences and traditional Chinese beliefs. Mao also targeted intellectual people who spoke out against him. Similar to Stalin's purges.

Deng Xiaoping took control of China during the 1980s. His main policy was the 4 modernizations. It was similar to Gorbachev's Glastnost and Perestroika in that it aimed to make the Chinese government more democratic and infuse more capitalist ideals into the economy.

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