Feudal Japan

Feudal Japan

Samuarai riding into battle.

Samurai in full armor riding into battle on horseback. (Xavexgoem, Wikipedia Commons)

Japan is an archipelago or chain of islands. Japan's geography allows them to be isolated from other cultures until the 1800s. They do selectively borrow parts of Chinese culture through the Korean peninsula.

Japan develops a feudal society similar to that found in Europe. The Emperor was just a figurehead and held no real power. The real power rested in the Shogun or military leader. Daimyo were the wealthy landlords. Samurai were like the Knights of Europe. Peasants made up most of the population and worked the land owned by the Daimyos.

Tokugawa Shogunate = time period of peace and stability. It is defined by its central government.

Some Japanese achievements are Kabuki theater and haiku poetry.  

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