Causes of imperialism.

Imperialism = one country exploiting (bullying) a less-powerful country.

British in India=British East India Company in charge

Sepoys = Indian soldiers that are in the British Army. The British made Sepoys do things against their religion. The Sepoys tried to kick British out. It failed and Britain placed India in direct control. There are both positive and negative effects of British in India.Some positives are: Built roads, railroads, telegraph wires, irrigation, education, and ending of the Caste System. Some negatives are: Make cash crops instead of food, resources go to GB, Indians lose culture.

The Scramble for Africa

Berlin Conferene of 1884 = “Scramble for Africa”. Europeans meet to divide up Africa for colonization.


Imperialism in China

Opium Wars = British forcing Chinese to buy opium. Results in British getting Hong Kong and $$.

Taiping Rebellion = Chinese peasants uprise against government… millions die, weakens China

Boxer Rebellion = Chinese try to kick out British and westerners. It fails.

Effects of Imperialism

Western culture continues to influence the world. Transportation, medical care, and education improve around the world. Industrial nations control global economy.

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