Statue of Shiva, one of the Hindu gods.

Statue of the Hindu god Shiva. (Indianhilbilly,Wikipedia Commons)

Hinduism first started in India. It is a polytheistic religion. The Hindu sacred texts are the Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita. Anytime you see the following words, you should think Hinduism.

Reincarnation - Hindus believe that a person becomes reborn after they die. Reincarnation is a cycle that one's soul goes through until they achieve Moksha.

India - Hinduism was started and is currently the major religion of India.

Caste System - A social structure in which you are born into. A person's caste determines their occupation and their social status. Once you are born into a caste you are stuck there until your soul gets reborn.

Karma - A person's actions. Good karma results in a person advancing in caste upon rebirth while bad karma results in a person going down to a lower caste.

Moksha - The cycle of reincarnation keeps happening until a soul finally achieves Moksha. Moksha is the soul reuniting with Brahman.

Brahman - The spiritual force that binds all living things. The goal of Hinduism is for a person's soul to become one with Brahman.

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