The Enlightenment

The Enlightenment

Denis Diderot's Encylopedie contained a collection of many other Enlightenment thinkers' ideas.

Denis Diderot's Encylopedie contained a collection of many other Enlightenment thinkers' ideas. It was easy to distribute with the advent of the printing press. (Trlkly, Wikipedia Commons)

The Enlightenment is when people started to reject traditional ideas and started to support human reason and logic. Enlightentment ideas were able to be spread easily because of the printing press.You should probably know a little bit about the following thinkers:

Thomas Hobbes - England. Wrote The Levithan. Thought that people are selfish and cruel. People agree to give up power for safety (social contract). Favored absolute monarchs

John Locke - England. Wrote Two Treatises on Government. Came up with the 3 natural rights: life, liberty, and property. People have right to overthrow government if its not protecting rights became the basis for the Declaration of Independence.

Baron de Montesquieu - France. Wrote The Spirit of Laws. Came up with the idea for 3 branches of government and separation of powers. Ideas found in the American constitution.

Jean-Jacques Rosseau - France. Wrote The Social Contract. Thought that people are naturally good and that government exists to preserve people’s rights.

Voltaire - France. Wrote Candide. Came up with the idea of freedom of speech.

Denis Diderot - France. Wrote The Encyclopedie. It combined all of the Enlightenment thinkers’ ideas into one location that could be easily found by anyone who wished to do so.

Thomas Malthus - England. Wrote An Essay on the Principle of Population. Thought that population increases faster than food can be produced. Eventually the world won’t be able to support all of the people living on it.

Adam Smith - England. Created the idea of capitalism. Markets determine prices on their own, they don't need government interference. Laissez-faire.

Effects of the Enlightenment - American Revolution, French Revolution, and the fall of absolute monarchies.

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