Content Review


Content Review

While I don't know exactly what will be asked on the multiple choice part of the exam I do know the basic format that the Regents generally follows.

  1. The first 3-5 questions on the Global Regents are always about basic social studies knowledge. You might see questions about primary vs secondary sources, what economists or archaelogists do, or some basic geography questions.
  2. After the basic social studies knowledge questions, the Regents will generally be in chronological order. It usually goes Neolithic Revolution - modern problems until around question 40 then starts back up at the beginning again.
  3. The Regents wants you to pick the "feel good" answer. When in doubt pick the answer that sounds the most positive. This rule especially applies to questions that are about the 20th century.

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Ancient Civs Belief Systems The Expanding World Global Interactions
Geographic Features Judaism Byzatine Empire The Mongols
Neolithic Revolution Hinduism Islamic Empires Feudal Japan
Sumer Buddhism Medieval Europe The Renaissance
Egypt Confucianism The Crusades The Commercial Revolution
China Christianity West African Kingdoms The Reformation
Greece Islam Tang and Song Dynasties England and France
Roman Republic      
Roman Empire      

Indian Empires


The Global Age Revolutions! 20th Century Problems
The Mayans Scientific Revolution World War I
The Aztecs Enlightenment Russian Revolution
The Incas French Revolution Nationalism 2
Conquistadors Latin American Revolutions Interwar Years
The Ottomans Agrarian Revolution World War II
Age of Exploration Industrial Revolution Cold War
Absolutism Nationalism Communist China
English Civil War Imperialism Decolonization
    Modern Middle East