Ancient China

Shi Huangdi's terracotta army

Shi Huangdi's massive terracotta army. He had these terracotta soldiers built to protect him in the afterlife. (Maros, Wikipedia Commons)

Ancient Chinese civilization first started along the Yellow River Valley. China's geography has always played important role in its history. It is isolated because of the Himalya Mountains to the southwest, the Gobi Desert in the west, and the Pacific Ocean to the East. Their isolation led to the Chinese to develop the idea of ethnocentrism or the idea that their culture was better than everyone else's.

Shi Huangdi was China's first emperor. He took control of all of China by using military force and enforcing strict, harsh laws on its people. This was known as legalism.

In order to keep invaders from Mongolia out of China, Shi Huangdi started construction of the Great Wall of China.

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